Fun with F_ _ M S

Examples of inputs you may want on a website

Forms and Inputs

Personal/Basic Contact Info:

Specifying input type will change the keyboard layouts on mobile devices, making each input easier.

Other Types of Info Fields:*

And More Choices: Choice A
Choice B
I like purple
I like blue
I like scarlet

And Still More Examples...

Button may read "Submit Query" if value attribute is not set.

Button may read "Reset" if value attribute is not set.

Some of the different type of inputs used here include: In order to see these functions in action, try the following:
  1. Hit "Submit" without entering data into the First Name field
  2. Try to input more than 18 letters in the Last Name field
  3. Attempt to submit a letter entered into the Phone field
  4. Notice that no data can be entered into the Favorite Website field, as the disabled attribute has been added